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We believe:
• All people are of value;
• All people should be offered the opportunity to perform to their maximum capabilities;
• Communication is key to social, emotional, academic and intellectual growth;
• There are multiple kinds of intelligence;
• If academic learning is not a person’s forte, then other worthwhile learning should be
• People learn best when given reinforcement that promotes desired behaviors and are ignored
when producing inappropriate behaviors;
• Learning is a sequential task and many small steps are needed to accomplish the final goal;
• Learning is aided by teaching, experiencing, interacting;
• The greatest goal of learning is to transfer from an externally prompted desire to an
internally focused desire;
• The timetable for learning is set at one’s own pace so one can develop one’s own goals;
• Distractors for one may be moments of beauty for another;
• Little is learned from pain beyond the desire to escape that situation.